【Introduction】Whether you are planning a small birthday party or a large company annual dinner, wedding, art exhibition, or concert, almost every industry needs relevant professionals to help plan and organize events.So, what schools in Canada offer events and exhibition management majors? What professional skills can students learn in this major? How about employment prospects and salary? How do netizens and UtoCanada interpret this major? Let’s take a look!

Introduction to Events Planning and Exhibition Management Programs in Canada

Many industries need event management experts, such as businesses, hotels, non-profit organizations, sporting events, celebrations, weddings and other social events, etc. Some special event planners play a vital role from planning concepts to implementing plans. Whether people need venues for an event, managing suppliers and volunteers, planning art exhibitions, or even managing celebrity parties, talented people with professional knowledge are needed.

Canadian events planning and exhibition management majors are generally offered in colleges, with different credentials such as diplomas and graduate degrees.Based on the different needs of students, Canadian colleges offer different programs and courses, and encourage students to conduct more in-depth professional learning. At the same time, paid internship opportunities are also provided to students, giving them the opportunity to gain relevant work experience at while studying.

  • It should be noted that this major is suitable for students with the following characteristics:
  • Passionate about planning, good at executing plans and organizing activities;
  • Strong organizational and time management skills;
  • Ability to assume responsibilities and prioritize;
  • Have excellent cooperation skills and the ability to inspire others;
  • Constantly grow in a fast-paced and challenging environment;
  • Have the ability to think and solve problems in a team;
  • Strong computer skills.

What knowledge and skills can students learn from the events planning and exhibition management major?

According to the disciplines of various majors, the education direction also differs in each.These programs provide students with professional skills and knowledge,and students have a chance to work in internship positions,which will prepare them for the events management industry.

Students will have the opportunity to gain practical experience through planning, marketing, execution and evaluation activities. Canadian colleges also provide students with the opportunity to visit successful companies (including city convention centers, art galleries, gardens, exhibition areas, and leading hotels and stadiums) to collaborate and build connections,.

Students will also participate in various special activities, including social events, company meetings, festivals and major sporting events.Students will develop basic events management skills, such as planning, evaluation, communication, etc., and which helps to cultivate their critical thinking and creative thinking skills. Professional courses will explore current trends and technologies in the event industry, including: software applications, food and beverage, public relations and sponsorship logistics, risk management, business tools, and so on to develop students' professional skills in planning, marketing and performing activities.

Throughout the course, students mainly develop the following skills for their career:

  • Problem solving ability
  • Teamwork
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Leadership

Employment Prospects for Graduates of Canadian Events and Exhibition Management

Event and exhibition management is an industry with a large demand for talents in all areas of society. Events and exhibitions are part of the public, non-profit, charity, private and corporate sectors. Graduates can find employment opportunities in many companies, enterprises and departments. In more detail,hotels, conference centers, casinos, catering service providers, golf and country clubs, event planners, wedding planning, festivals, cruise ships, theme parks, museums, entertainment complexes, tourism companies, professional associations, non-profit organizations, universities, colleges, weddingcompanies, insurance companies, advertising companies, hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, marketing companies, etc., all call for professional talent.

Entry-level positions may include:

Events Manager

Brand Ambassador

Social Media and Digital Marketing Coordinator

Special Events Organizer

Wedding Planner

Event/Exhibition Designer

Meeting Planner

Assistant Creative Director

》The job of an event manager

According to the PayScale description,
Event managers need to plan and arrange meetings and parties. They usually communicate and collaborate with clients to determine preferences for designs and activities based on their needs, such as deciding the venue and the required decorations. Event managers usually also need to work with third-party suppliers (such as catering service providers, DJs and venue owners), and must comply with customer budgets and requirements.
Customer service and communication skills are very important, and this job requires graduates to handle stress. Most of the work is done independently by the event manager, so it is very important to be able to meet deadlines and ensure that events and preparations proceed as planned. Event managers also have to do a lot of paperwork, such as documentation related to various suppliers and orders. Superb negotiation skills will also help to obtain good prices. Event managers may also be responsible for publicity and marketing activities, and to ensure by actively supervising procedures during the event and making sure that everything goes on smoothly. This position usually requires a bachelor's degree in business, marketing or communications.
The responsibilities of the event manager include:

  • Plan and supervise the logistical and administrative needs of activities: including on-site inspections, financial management, scheduling and personnel management;
  • Supervise the printing of documents and promotional materials;
  • Assess objectives, conduct preparational meetings, and maximize the profitability of the client;
  • Liaise with clients and suppliers, and negotiate contract.

》Salary of graduates majoring in event and exhibition management: The decisive factors for the income of event managers & how much money they earn each year

According to PayScale statistics, in Canada, the average annual salary of event managers is $49,837 CAD, with the lower-end annual salary at $37,304, and the higher-end at $71,014.

The best schools in Canada for event and exhibition management

Humber College

Humber College is one of the largest public colleges in Canada. It was founded in 1967 and is located in the west of Toronto, Ontario. The excellent academic atmosphere has given Humber College Institute of Technology & Advanced Learning a good reputation in Ontario. The event management courses of Humber College provide comprehensive learning and training opportunities, designed to help students prepare and transition to important positions in the event industry, including on-site event management learning experiences, guest lectures from industry professionals, field trips to local events, visits to elite event venues in the GTA, social networking conferences, case studies, and more to expand students’ knowledge of local, national and international planning activities. Students will get the experience of participating in activities on campus during the first semester. In the following two years, they immerse themselves in the professional study of special activities through online, volunteer services and event execution opportunities. Students will work throughout the semester in The Humber Room restaurant training facility. Professors also prepare many different types of activities for students.

George Brown College

George Brown College offers aone-year graduate diplomaprogram. The school cooperates with employers and businesses to provide studentswith 14 weeks of paid internship opportunities.The college strongly encourages students to pursue opportunities for self-directed work experience in the event management industry.. These valuable work experiences can be added to the student’s resume. Qualified graduates of George Brown’s Special Event Management major are eligible to enter the Honours Bachelor of Business Administration (Hospitality) degree program at George Brown College program inSeptemberorJanuaryStudent Cases can also choose to start 学生in the spring semester from MaytoAugust, and continue to enter the degree program inSeptember, which requires studentsto have a minimum GPA of3.0。

Seneca College Seneca College

Seneca College is a comprehensive college that cultivates skill-based talents and enjoys a high reputation in the Canadian education community. It is also one of the first Canadian universities to be recognized by the Chinese Ministry of Education. The college offers graduate certificate programs in event marketing (sports, entertainment, and arts) and event management (event and exhibition design). Students knowledge and training in the evolving fields of sports, entertainment, events and marketing, and learn how to apply the basic principles of strategic marketing through case analysis, projects and client proposals. The event management (event and exhibition design direction) major provide students with professional knowledge and experience in designing and managing events and exhibitions. Students take courses on analysis, planning, budgeting, purchasing, decorating, props, and visual effects, while provided with opportunities for hands-on learning with industry professionals.

Geogrian College

Georgian College is located in Barrie, about 100 kilometres from Toronto, and a 1-hour drive from Toronto Pearson International Airport. Known as "Toronto's backyard" and has been rated as "Canada's fastest growing city” for many years. The college’s one-year event management graduate program provides students with the skills and knowledge to successfully host various special events in the fields of entertainment, sports, and business. Through research, planning, programming, marketing, financing and analysis activities, graduates will experience many aspects of event management, and the college also provides students with many internship opportunities. Graduates can find work in trade associations, businesses, governments, communities, marketing services, event planning companies, and conference and event management departments.

Centennial College Centennial College

Event management students will study on the new campus and activity centre of Centennial College of Applied Arts and Technology, which is the only experiential place of learning dedicated to event management in Canada. Because of this event centre, the program will become one of Canada’s most unique event management programs. In this one-year graduate certificate program, students will learn all aspects of event and exhibition management from planning to execution, and work with world-class hotels and culinary teams to allow students to develop themselves while enjoying a unique experience. Qualified graduates may be eligible for the Pathway program at Vancouver Island University. These bridging courses allow students to earn degree credits at Centennial College.

Fanshawe College

Fanshawe College is located in London, Ontario in Canada, and provides a three-year college diploma in CMP-Certified Special Event Management.Being in a dynamic and evolving industry centre, students have access to a wide range of global event management industries. London has the most advanced conference centre, Budweiser Gardens, a large exhibition area, and is also home to many international hotel brands and local and international sports activities. Students will visit these venues, establish contacts with industry professionals, and gain practical experience in the event planning industry.It is worth mentioning that the top private high schoolsthat students in this major will be able to directly enter Fanshawe College’s other hospitality programs (tourism and travel, hospitality – hotel and resort service management, golf and club management, and food and beverage management) in the final year. Students can get two diplomas in only three years范莎学院的其他酒店项目(旅游与旅游,酒店管理酒店及度假村服务管理,高尔夫与俱乐部管理以及食品与饮料管理)学生只需三年就能获得两个文凭。

Algonquin College

Founded in 1967, Algonquin College is one of the largest public colleges in Canada. It is located in the capital of Canada, Ottawa – the "Northern Silicon Valley.” It is located in one of the three major business centres of Ottawa. The college is in the top five among 150 colleges in Canada. This one-year graduate certificate program provides students with the professional knowledge and skills needed to succeed in the fast-paced and exciting event management industry. This program lays a solid foundation for students in planning activities, and helps them to acquire skills and knowledge in marketing, sponsorship, event logistics, risk management, budgeting, programming, entertainment, personnel management, and computer applications to develop students' teamwork skills. On-site work placements can also benefit students from experiential learning and establishing connections with industry representatives. Click here to see updates.

Summary: UtoCanada's views on the event and exhibition management major

Almost all industries, regardless of region and climate, will host a variety of events. Communities hold festivals and public events, and companies hold meetings, conferences, and live events. Qualified professional planners are also required in the event planning of the non-profit sector. And managing successful activities of any size requires extensive expertise and planning. The job requires not only basic management knowledge, but also knowledge of professional standards, familiarity with digital marketing methods, human resource management, and so on… and even the details of material selections, theme design, atmosphere, etc.

Event planning is not an easy, pleasant or simple task. Event Coordinators or exhibition planners need to do more than just write an event plan and then keep things under control. It also requires a lot of cooperation throughout the planning and execution, such as participating in discussions of market positioning and market analysis, writing feasibility reports, preparing sponsor negotiations, communicating with the media, maintaining cooperation with exhibitors and suppliers, creating exhibition schedules and financial statements, managing volunteers, handle crisis management and emergencies, managing the procedure of exhibitions and wrapping up after the exhibition.

However, as a seemingly new major, qualified graduates of the major can find jobs in many companies, organizations and departments. Some might even have the opportunity to plan and manage events for celebrities. So, if you think you have the qualifications mentioned above, then this major is for you.