[Introduction] From billboards to newspapers, to websites, advertising is something that we all come into contact with every day. Advertising designers mainly study how to make products that can effectively attract consumers' attention and encourage them to buy the products they advertisements, so as to increase sales.

Introduction to Canadian Advertising

Advertising design and graphic design have a lot in common, and they often overlap in many areas. Advertising design can be considered a combination of marketing and design. It is only used to sell products or services. It is a new profession based on the application of computer graphic design technology along with the development of the advertising industry. The main feature of this profession creates advertisements with images, text, colours, layout, graphics, etc., combined with various kinds of media. This field also emphasizes on the purpose and intention of advertising through related design software on the computer. Advertising design is composed of five main elements: theme, creativity, text, image, and layout. The ultimate goal is to attract attention through advertising.

What knowledge and skills do students learn in the Canadian advertising major?

The advertising major in universities is generally under the programs of communication, media and film. There will be less about history, film, and hands-on practice; but there will be more theoretical studies. Most of the major’s courses are basically theoretical courses. However, in addition to learning basic theoretical knowledge, Art schools in Toronto provide a more practical curriculum. OCAD University is an art school in Toronto, Canada. After entering the advertising major, you will start from the basics: layout, drawing, colour and two-dimensional design, and writing. Later, you will learn about advertising strategies and concepts, digital advertising, photography and some courses in social sciences, and so on. Next, you start engaging in advertising concepts, research, art, retail advertising and user experience, etc. Finally, you will participate in advertising boot camp, and showcase your work to various large companies, which will increase your chances of getting employed.

Employment prospects for Canadian advertising graduates

After graduation, you can find jobs in:

  • Advertising design
  • Advertising agencies and marketing companies
  • In-house marketing
  • Digital agencies
  • Design companies
  • Production and film studios

Job description of a Canadian advertising professional

Advertising designers: Advertising designers work with agencies, groups, companies or organizations to create effective advertisements together. They work closely with customers and companies to convey information with words, pictures, illustrations and colours. Advertising designers can choose to work in the different types of media, such as in print or web. They need to study market trends to understand the different types of advertisements and their impact on consumers. Advertising designers must be keenly aware of details and be able to use innovative thinking to produce eye-catching advertisements of memorable themes.

Advertising agencies: Some small agencies mainly work with freelancers, contract graphic designers, or sometimes all together. Large companies will have fully staffed creative departments. Designers working in advertising companies usually hold one of the following three positions: graphic designer, art director, creative director.

Salary of Canadian advertising graduates

What are the decisive factors in the income of Canadian advertising graduates and how much money do they earn each year?

Advertising designer: The average salary of Canadian advertising designers is $52,534 CAD per year or $25 per hour. The starting salary for entry-level positions is $19,000 per year, while the maximum annual salary for most experienced professionals is $90,500.

Advertising Agency: The average salary of Canadian advertising designers is $60,000 per year or $26 per hour. The starting salary for entry-level positions is $19,000 per year, while the maximum annual salary for most experienced professionals is $90,500 Canadian dollars.

Advertising related majors in Ontario, Canada (1-to-4-year programs)

Name of Program School Type of Credential Open to International Students Start Date
Advertising OCAD University Bachelor Degree Open Septmber(need Portfolio)
Media Studies Trent University Bachelor Degree Open September
Communication, Media and Film University of Windsor Bachelor Degree Open September

Summary: UtoCanada's views on the advertising major

Advertising requires students to have creative and strategic ideas. Although advertising sounds like an interesting major, you must display your professionalism and convey the message and the benefits of your advertised product or service to your audience. Advertising is used as a second sales strategy. It is an art embedded with persuasiveness that can direct people's attention and inspire them to take anticipated actions. Traditional advertising was an impersonal promotion of a product or service. In the past, when people used to sit in front of their TVs, commercials would be played every now and then. However, with the introduction of social media and the development of the Internet, people have been spending more time on online (such as on YouTube, Weibo, etc.) To succeed in the highly competitive advertising industry, major brands must now accept new changes and understand new consumer behaviour.

If you want to apply for a major in advertising in Canada, then the mandatory requirement is: a high school average of at least 70%, and maybe a portfolio. If you would like to know more about the advertising major, please contact us at any time.