Cooperation with the Best Student Recruitment Agencies in Ontario, Canada


We know how difficult it is to work with Canadian universities, colleges, top private high schools, public education agencies and language institutions to recruit international students and earn commission. So why not work with the experts?

UtoCanada cooperates with more than 150 Canadian educational institutions. You can assist in the recruitment of students for our partnering student recruitment agencies and become a partner of UtoCanada.

Why cooperate with us? Because, we are the&nbspbiggestand the strongest的!

  1. Free of charge:Pay only the application fee (no additional service fees!)
  2. Competitive commission rate:We offer a high initial commission rate, which increases with the number of students gained.
  3. Countless Options:Choose from over 150 partnering institutions including universities and colleges, and over 6,000 programs
  4. Quick Applications:We can contact the university at any time to get feedback on the progress of applications, so that we receive the offer within 2 to 8 weeks.
  5. High Success Rate:We have a 95% success-rate, receiving Letters of Acceptance on the applications we have submitted.

If you are an "International Student Recruitment Agency" from anywhere in the world…

We sincerely invite you to share UtoCanada’s resources of 150 cooperating Canadian local educational institutions in Canada if you are a student recruitment agent with a client base of prospective students. Together, we can co-organize Canadian college application conferences, visa consultation conferences, and build programs to help you expand your market and get timely updates.

  1. Providing you with the latest and fullest college promotional materials:&nbspWe regularly update partnering college information (information database on our website, PDF training documents, WeChat subscription account, colored college brochures, Canadian college books, etc.), and send updated key promotional programs to our cooperating agents.
  2. Professional Training:&nbspWe regularly hold trainings to cooperating agents and provide online training on key programs. Partnering agents are provided with full information on college activities, major promotional programs, policy changes, and other services. At the same time, according to the features of the programs and the requirements of cooperating institutions, we provide telephone- and video-training services from time to time.
  3. Updates with visiting information and support marketing activities:&nbspSeminar visits by college officials and other activities tend to drive sales as we cooperate with our partners to carry out promotions and marketing activities. We will regularly update you with seminar news, interview material, application and other important information. Furthermore, UtoCanada acts as the recruitment representative of colleges and universities, and is also willing to actively participate in educational exhibitions and other marketing activities.

If you are a “Canadian Local Education Agent”

For those of you who are in Canada and have a rich network of students or institutions, we invite you to join our team of professional education consultants&nbspand copywrittersWe will help you to provide students with more comprehensive, detailed, personalized and professional services in Canadian university and visa applications. Most importantly, we will provide you with a&nbspcompetitive commission rate.What you need to do is simple:

  1. Provide recommendations:Recommend our services to students and parents requiring school application and transfer services.
  2. Hold responsibility: Our education consultants will explain to students or parents the details of the institutions, application processes plus all the necessary information, and arrange and accompany students on campus tours. nbsp
  3. Receive updates:We will communicate you about the application progress, student or parent demands, commission and other important information in a timely matter.
  4. Get commission:After receiving commission from the college, we distribute the competitive commission right away.

If you are a "Canadian Local Agency Offering Related Services"

UtoCanada is committed to improving the study and living experience of international students in Canada, and providing them with better and more reliable one-stop services. If you are a professional agency in related services, such as:real estate agency, driving training school, cleaning company, pick-up service company, financial service agency, tax insurance agency, medical service agency,etc., we sincerely invite you to share our wealth of client sources and our brand value. We will provide you with the "UTOI Certification" recommendation badge after a thorough exchange of information. We look forward to working with you to grow, widen our markets, enhance the value of our brand, provide ethical services, and jointly create a community supporting international students in Canada.

If you are a “China-Canada International Exchange Department” of a university/college…

We sincerely invite you to share with us your valuable experience and strategies of education exchange. With "cooperation projects," we build a bridge between Chinese and Canadian universities, providing consultation, implementation supervision and other services. In the past, UtoCanada has provided early consultation, planning, implementation and other services for a number of "China-Canada International Exchange Programs" to help institutions achieve the goals of joint education, student transfers, skills exchange, academic research and so on.