[Introduction] As an important part of the service industry, catering is widely valued for its large market, rapid growth, wide influence, and strong employability. More importantly, it gives opportunities to developed countries to export capital, brands, and culture. People's demands for modern cooking continue to reach their peaks. We believe many students who are interested in this will want to know more about culinary management. Which schools offer this major in Canada? What are the professional skills, employment prospects and income of graduates of this major? How do netizens and UtoCanada view this major? Let’s take a look!

Introduction to the Canadian Culinary Management Major

Culinary management majors combine culinary and business courses, aiming to prepare students for careers in the food industry or entrepreneurship as managers. If you're passionate about restaurant businesses and want to turn that into a career, this major will give you the skills to turn your dreams into reality.
The culinary management majoris generally offered at colleges in Canada as diplomas programs. Depending on the needs of students,Canadian colleges offer different courses and encourage students to pursue further professional study. At the same time, students will also receive paid internship opportunities offered by employers in cooperation with the university, which will give students the opportunity to gain work experience at the same time. Culinary management graduates can gain experience working in international catering companies, as well as guidance from the industry elites, to lead students to the path towards their future careers.

The modern culinary arts industry is trendy, dynamic, and constantly growing. It's a business where food, culture, taste and tradition go hand in hand. If students are passionate about the culinary arts or food and beverage management, a culinary management course is a must. Related reading:

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What knowledge and skills do students learn in Canadian culinary majors?

The content of study will vary according to the emphasis of different colleges. The Canadian colleges that offer culinary skills training and management expertise provide students with a chance to participate in internships to prepare for their futures in the catering industry. Students learn about business operations and can participate in them, while also participating in various competitions, and consulting with experienced professional chefs.
The courses students take include: food and culture, human resource planning, food safety and hygiene, cooking skills, nutrition, catering management and so on. Canadian colleges that offer the program offer internship opportunities to help students develop skills and knowledge through hands-on experience. In addition, interested students can also choose to study in other countries to further develop their skills and knowledge in the culinary field.

It should be noted that if you want to succeed in this major, you should hold these characteristics:

  • Be passionate about cooking and catering services
  • Have strong communication skills
  • Have strong problem solving and analysis skills
  • Be artistic and creative
  • Leadership
  • Pay attention to detail, food hygiene and safety
  • Be able to work under pressure

Employment prospects of Canadian culinary management graduates

The two-year college diploma program prepares successful graduates for entry-level positions in the food service industry. There is a great demand for chefs and management talents in the catering industry all over the world. Graduates will be able to find various employment opportunities as members of the culinary team in spas, clubs, restaurants, hotels, cruise ships, catering companies, theme restaurants, etc. Specifically, the occupations students can engage in are:


Executive Chef/Kitchen Manager

Buffet Manager

CEO of Theme Restaurants

Sales Agent of Multinational Food Suppliers

Coffee Restaurant Manager

Director of Culinary Services

Product Development Chef

Food Stylist

Personal Chef

Chef Educator

Food Service Provider

Catering Service Provider

Director of Food and Beverage

>>Job Description of a Restaurant General Manager

According to the PayScale description,
The general manager of the restaurant oversees all operations, including the hiring and firing of employees; purchasing of food, supplies and equipment; and dealing with various suppliers. They are also responsible for overseeing the maintenance of the dining area, kitchen and exterior areas of the restaurant; human resources arrangements; making of the menus; restaurant publicity; dealing with the legal and regulatory issues involved in running a business; and other financial matters. General managers are likely to spend most of their time in the workplace, especially during peak hours, interacting with customers from time to time, but are more likely to work behind the scenes to keep the operations running smoothly. There may be other tasks such as marketing and promotion, or arrangement of other events.
The general manager must be able to work under pressure and respond to unexpected situations calmly and decisively. While the general manager may not be directly involved in all aspects of the restaurant, this means that the arranging who does what is a key skill. Extensive experience in restaurant employment and management would be very helpful to this position.
To be specific, the general manager of a Canadian restaurant is responsible for:

  • Develop operational, marketing and business plans with the owner or the board of directors
  • Estimate food and supply needs and monitor orders
  • Hire, train and supervise employees.
  • Manage the budget, manage payroll, and ensure that operations are kept within budget
  • Establish and enforce employment, administrative, recreational and food standards

>> Salary of Culinary Management Graduates: The Determining Factor & How much they earn each year

According to PayScale statistics,in Canada, the average annual salary of a general manager of a restaurant is $49,821 CAD, with the lower-end salary at $34,883 and the higher at $70,766.

The best schools for Culinary Management in Canada

Humber College

汉博学院位于安大略省多伦多市西部,加拿大烹饪协会指定汉博学院为加拿大唯一Certified Master Chef 教育基地,该学院的烹饪管理、烹饪技巧、食品与营养管理两年制学院文凭课程 World Association of Chefs Societies (WACS) 的认可,安省唯一有此认证的学院。汉博学生于2015 &nbspand2016 Year ,获得 Holland Marsh Soupfest 比赛 Best Institution and People‘s Choice for Best Soup两项大奖。学生还在2017年的电视真人厨艺秀获得季度冠军。汉博教师,毕业生及学生代表汉博学院于2016Year10月前往德国参加Culinary Olympics, 获得金奖。该专业超过 90% 的学生直接被实习单位雇佣,70% 为全职工作,剩余30% 一年之内会转成全职职位。

Niagara College 

Niagara College is one of the public colleges with the best comprehensive qualities and the widest range of majors in Ontario, Canada. Because of its excellent location and faculty, the school guarantees that their two-year diploma program provides students with an unparalleled hands-on learning environment, leading facilities and world-class chef instructors. The college's Canadian Food and Wine Association is known for its outstanding reputation among graduates, employers and partners in the industry. The college’s exclusive restaurant provides students with on-site training and employment opportunities. There are also vineyards, bee houses and greenhouses on campus, allowing students to benefit from hands-on learning.

George Brown College

George Brown College aims to train passionate, service-oriented industry professionals. The college is located in downtown Toronto and is the centre of the Canadian culinary industry. In guaranteeing a two-year diploma program that trains students in the knowledge and skills required to become a chef or kitchen manager, demos, lectures, and experiential learning are offered to teach students the basic skills needed to succeed in today’s leading restaurant and cooking industry. The teaching focuses on emerging cooking trends such as sustainable food, nutrition and international influence. Students can also develop and build the interpersonal skills required for a successful career, as well as the leadership skills needed to run a business. Most importantly, students can also participate in internship programs, which will give them the opportunity to work with experienced chefs and industry leaders.

Algonquin College

Located in one of the three major business centers in Ottawa, Algonquin College ranks among the top five out of 150 colleges in Canada. Algonquin College is a large public college recommended by the Chinese Ministry of Education popular among Chinese students. It is also a partner institution recommended by the Canadian Embassy for those applying though the Student Partners Program(SPP) and Student Direct Stream (SDS). The two-year college diploma program offered at the college aims to train students to become professional chefs, with a focus on enhancing their cooking and management training skills through practical experience. Students take courses in food preparation, baking techniques, cost control, computer applications, hygiene and safety procedures, nutrition and menu planning, etc., and will also complete industry-related certifications. On the premise of the college’s exclusive restaurant, students can attend classes on site in the evening and on weekends. It also provides many opportunities for them to participate in the operations of various hotels, restaurants and event facilities to further improve and develop their knowledge and skills. Students also have the opportunity to participate in competitions and activities held in the community.

Georgian College

Georgian College is known as the largest mandatory co-operative education colleges in Ontario and is located in Barrie. Georgia College offers a two-year diploma in Culinary Management. During the program, students will learn basic food knowledge and develop skills in kitchen duties. They will also connect with chefs and industry leaders. Students have the opportunity to participate in entrepreneurship and gain learning and work experience. Through internships arranged by the college, students will hone their knowledge and skills, demonstrating their culinary and professional leadership skills.

Centennial College

The school guarantee a two-year diploma program that focuses on researching local ingredients in Ontario and learning about seasonal cooking. Students will learn to make exquisite menus and dishes based on global food trends and tastes. Students will practice working in the cafes, restaurants and activity centres of the Centennial College of Applied Arts and Technology. Students will undergo a 14-week internship with the college’s industry partners. Students will receive important industry certifications, such as smart service certificates, safe food handling and CPR, etc. The college's hotel, tourism and culinary arts school has become Canada's first academic institution to obtain the Feast On® certification, which is used to procure local food and beverage products used in academic programs, as well as for the school's experiential learning food service business. Feast On® is a certification program established by the Canadian Culinary Tourism Alliance to recognize businesses that are committed to sourcing and growing food and beverages in Ontario.

Fleming College

Fleming College is located in the beautiful Kawarthas area of Peterborough, providing students with a quiet learning environment. The school’s two-year college diploma program provides graduates with strong culinary management skills, life skills and interpersonal skills through small class sizes, which will help students enhance their career potential working in teams in a hotel environment. Students will also be exposed to new directions and trends in the field of cooking. After completing on-the-job training requirements, graduates are eligible to take the provincial certification of qualification exam for the trade of cooking. The college is located in the heart of the Kawarthas. Students in this program have access to local fresh produce and can establish strong partnerships with local farms and food artisan communities.

Fanshawe College

Fanshawe College is Canada's sixth largest public college, located in the city of London, Ontario. For six consecutive years it has been rated as the most popular with the students of public colleges, and its graduate employment rate is as high as 92% within 6 months after graduation. The school has a strong faculty, with about 1700 faculty members, and many qualified professors with overseas experience in learning and teaching. Culinary management is their two-year college diploma program designed to develop students' culinary skills and professionalism. Combined with management courses and advanced cooking techniques, the program also provides guidance in entrepreneurship, excellence in food service and further support in the food and beverage field. Students can get real kitchen experience by working in the college's Saffron Restaurant.Click here for real-time updates.

Conclusion: UtoCanada’s view on the culinary management major

加拿大提供该专业课程的学院都会提供给学生参加带薪实习、实地考察包括参观农场、酒窖、参与烹饪艺术比赛的机会。学院还提供和一线从业人员、明星主厨交流学习的机会,可以大大提升你的阅历。另外,仅多伦多就有超过9,000家餐厅和200家酒店,以及众多俱乐部,度假村,水疗中心和餐饮公司。 学生在学院学习的烹饪技能受到加拿大和国际雇主的青睐,有助于毕业生在国内或世界各地建立成功的职业生涯。