McMaster University 针对新生缴纳学费后,如何获取付款确认函进行通告。原文及相关链接如下。

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As an international student, you can pay your fees prior to class enrolment to receive payment confirmation through Mosaic. Please note: payment does not guarantee study permit.

You must accept your offer of admission by following the instructions in your official offer letter and before you can request a verification letter.

国际学生可以在注册前提前缴纳学费,并通过学校 Mosaic 系统 获取付款确认函(以便用于申请学习许可)。需要注意的是:学费的缴纳并不意味着一定能够获批学习许可。在申请获取付款确认函之前,申请人需要根据正式录取通知书上的指引,通过安省大学申请中心确认并接受录取。

如何获取付款确认函 Accessing your verification letter

After your tuition fee payment has been submitted, it takes approximately 3-7 business days for the payment to reflect on Mosaic under ‘Finances’.

You can request your payment verification letter in Mosaic under Student Center > Admissions > View letters > Payment confirmation, once both your offer of admission and payment has been processed. The name shown on your letter will be the same as you have it in Mosaic.

You will receive a notification email when the payment confirmation letter is available.

大约在缴纳学费的 3-7 个工作日后,付款金额会显示在 Mosaic 系统 “财务” 标签下。申请人可以在确认接收录取并缴纳学费后,通过学校 Mosaic 系统学生中心>注册录取>查看信件>缴费确认,获取付款确认函。

信件中的称谓将与你在 Mosaic 系统中的姓名一致。在付款通知函准备好后,你将接收到相关通知邮件。