1123 专业广告,市场营销和公共关系专业职业 Professional occupations in advertising, marketing and public relations – UtoCanada NOC


This unit group includes specialists in advertising, marketing and public relations who analyse, develop and implement communication and promotion strategies and information programs, analyse advertising needs and develop appropriate advertising and marketing plans, publicize activities and events, and maintain media relations on behalf of businesses, governments and other organizations, and for performers, athletes, writers and other talented individuals. They are employed by consulting firms, advertising agencies, corporations, associations, government, social agencies, museums, galleries, public interest groups, and cultural and other organizations, or they may be self-employed. Agents such as entertainment, literary and sports agents are included in this unit group.

1123 专业广告,市场营销和公共关系专业职业头衔范例 Example Titles – UtoCanada NOC

  • 广告顾问 advertising consultant
  • 通讯官 communications officer
  • 通信专家 communications specialist
  • 事件营销专家 event marketing specialist
  • 筹款顾问 fundraising consultant
  • 信息官 information officer
  • 文学代理人 literary agent
  • 媒体协调员 media co-ordinator
  • 媒体关系官员 media relations officer
  • 博物馆教育家 museum educator
  • 表演代理 performers agent
  • 新闻秘书 press secretary
  • 公共事务官员 public affairs officer
  • 公共关系顾问 public relations consultant
  • 公关人员 public relations officer
  • 公关 publicist
  • 宣传代理 publicity agent

1123 专业广告,市场营销和公共关系专业职业主要职责 Main duties – UtoCanada NOC

广告,市场营销和公共关系专家执行部分或全部下列职责:Specialists in advertising, marketing and public relations perform some or all of the following duties:

  • 评估被提拔的产品或服务的特点,并按公司广告需求提供建议
    Assess characteristics of products or services to be promoted and advise on the advertising needs of an establishment
  • 向客户提供广告或促销策略
    Advise clients on advertising or sales promotion strategies
  • 制定和实施适当的印刷或电子媒体的广告活动
    Develop and implement advertising campaigns appropriate for print or electronic media
  • 为内部和外部观众收集,研究和准备宣传材料
    Gather, research and prepare communications material for internal and external audiences
  • 制定,实施和评估交流策略和方案,旨在告知客户,员工和广大公众关于企业,政府和其他组织的倡议和政策
    Develop, implement and evaluate communications strategies and programs designed to inform clients, employees and the general public of initiatives and policies of businesses, governments and other organizations
  • 通过舆论和态度的调查,以确定他们的组织所服务的重点人群的利益和关心的内容。
    Conduct public opinion and attitude surveys to identify the interests and concerns of key groups served by their organization
  • 准备或监督编制报告,简报,书目,演讲,网站和新闻稿
    Prepare or oversee preparation of reports, briefs, bibliographies, speeches, presentations, Web sites and press releases
  • 制定并组织研讨会,会议,仪式和其他用于宣传,筹资和发布信息的活动
    Develop and organize workshops, meetings, ceremonies and other events for publicity, fundraising and information purposes
  • 准备和提供教育和宣传活动,宣传材料,提高对博物馆,美术馆和其他旅游景点的认识
    Prepare and deliver educational and publicity programs and informational materials to increase awareness of museums, galleries and other tourist attractions
  • 启动和维持与媒体的联系
    Initiate and maintain contact with the media
  • 安排采访和新闻发布会
    Arrange interviews and news conferences
  • 作为组织的发言人行事,并回应书面和口头查询
    Act as spokesperson for an organization and answer written and oral inquiries
  • 协调内部和外部观众的特别的宣传活动和促销活动
    Co-ordinate special publicity events and promotions for internal and external audiences
  • 协助编制小册子,报告,简报及其他材料
    Assist in the preparation of brochures, reports, newsletters and other material
  • 代表有才华的个体或具备特殊职业专门知识的个体的经纪人行事。
    Represent and act as an agent for talented individuals or individuals with specific occupational expertise
  • 体育,文学,性能或其它合同的准备或监督编制。
    Prepare or oversee preparation of sports, literary, performance or other contracts.
  • 文学经纪人专注于特定类型的代表作者和作家。节目代理商专门代表歌手,音乐家,演员或者其他表演者。体育经纪人专门代表特定的运动员或运动队。
    Literary agents specialize in representing specific types of authors and writers. Performance agents specialize in representing singers, musicians, actors or other performers. Sports agents specialize in representing specific athletes or sports teams.

1123 专业广告,市场营销和公共关系专业职业任职要求 Employment requirements – UtoCanada NOC

  • 通常需要业务营销,公共关系,通信,新闻学,博物馆学或到与特定的题材有关的学科的大学学位或大专文凭。
    A university degree or college diploma in business marketing, public relations, communications, journalism, museology or a discipline related to a particular subject matter is usually required.
  • 公共关系从业者可能需要APR(公共关系派驻)指定。
    Practitioners in public relations may require an APR (Accredited in Public Relations) designation.

1123 专业广告,市场营销和公共关系专业职业附加信息 Additional information – UtoCanada NOC

  • 随着不断接受培训和经验积累,可能晋升为公共关系,通信和筹款等领域的管理职位。
    Progression to managerial positions in public relations, communications and fundraising is possible with additional training and experience.

1123 专业广告,市场营销和公共关系专业职业其他分类 Classified elsewhere – UtoCanada NOC

  • 作者和作家 Authors and writers 5121
  • 会议和活动策划 Conference and event planners 1226
  • 营销顾问(业务开发人员和营销研究人员和顾问) Marketing consultants (in 4163 Business development officers and marketing researchers and consultants )
  • 公共关系经理(广告,市场营销和公共关系经理) Public relations managers (in 0124 Advertising, marketing and public relations managers )

1123 专业广告,市场营销和公共关系专业职业职称头衔 All titles – UtoCanada NOC

  • 客户经理,广告 account executive, advertising
  • 演员代理 actor agent
  • 广告客户经理 advertising account executive
  • 广告客户经理 advertising account manager
  • 广告和促销活动的协调员 advertising and promotions co-ordinator
  • 广告和促销活动的专家 advertising and promotions specialist
  • 广告活动的组织者 advertising campaign organizer
  • 广告顾问 advertising consultant
  • 广告专家 advertising specialist
  • 附属电视台关系管理员 affiliated stations relations administrator
  • 代理人,演员 agent, actors
  • 代理人,运动员 agent, athlete
  • 代理人,职业生涯 agent, career
  • 代理人,娱乐 agent, entertainment
  • 代理人,音乐家 agent, musicians
  • 代理人,表演 agent, performers
  • 代理人,歌手 agent, singers
  • 代理人,体育 agent, sports
  • 代理人,人才 agent, talent
  • 艺术教育家 – 博物馆 art educator – museum
  • 艺术家代理 artist agent
  • 艺术代理 artistic agent
  • 助理品牌经理 – 广告 assistant brand manager – advertising
  • 助理新闻秘书 assistant press secretary
  • 运动员代理人 athlete agent
  • 运动员经理 athletes manager
  • 作者的代理人 author’s agent
  • 本书公关 book publicist
  • 拳击启动 boxing promoter
  • 职业生涯代理人 career agent
  • 铸造代理人 casting agent
  • 额外的铸造代理人 casting agent for extras
  • 通信顾问 communications adviser
  • 通信顾问 communications consultant
  • 通信专家 communications expert
  • 通讯官 communications officer
  • 通信专家 communications specialist
  • 社区信息官 community information officer
  • 顾问,广告 consultant, advertising
  • 协调员,信息服务; co-ordinator, information service
  • 协调员,媒体关系 co-ordinator, media relations
  • 博物馆教育人员 education officer, museum
  • 娱乐代理 entertainment agent
  • 事件营销专家 event marketing specialist
  • 融资总监 – 筹款 financing officer – fundraising
  • 筹款人 fundraiser
  • 筹款活动顾问 fundraising campaign consultant
  • 筹款活动的组织者 fundraising campaign organizer
  • 筹款顾问 fundraising consultant
  • 筹款活动的组织者 fundraising organizer
  • 信息咨询员 information consultant
  • 信息协调员 information co-ordinator
  • 信息官 information officer
  • 信息员,宣传 information officer, publicity
  • 信息官,娱乐协会 information officer, recreation association
  • 信息服务协调员 information service co-ordinator
  • 文学代理人 literary agent
  • 经理,运动员 manager, athletes
  • 市场顾问-广告 marketing consultant – advertising
  • 营销协调员 marketing co-ordinator
  • 营销专家 – 广告 marketing specialist – advertising
  • 媒体协调员 media co-ordinator
  • 媒体活动协调员 media events co-ordinator
  • 媒体关系协调员 media relations co-ordinator
  • 媒体关系官员 media relations officer
  • 博物馆教育人员 museum education officer
  • 博物馆教育家 museum educator
  • 音乐家代理 musicians agent
  • 官员,公共关系 officer, public relations
  • 组织者,广告活动 organizer, advertising campaign
  • 表演代理 performers agent
  • 出版社代理 press agent
  • 出版社代理,公共关系 press agent, public relations
  • 新闻秘书 press secretary
  • 新闻秘书,公关 press secretary, public relations
  • 产品经理 – 营销 product manager – marketing
  • 推广策略顾问 promotion strategies consultant
  • 公共事务官员 public affairs officer
  • 公关代理 public relations agent
  • 公共关系顾问 public relations consultant
  • 公共关系协调员 public relations co-ordinator
  • 公关人员 public relations officer
  • 公关人员 public relations practitioner
  • 公共关系新闻代理 public relations press agent
  • 公关新闻秘书 public relations press secretary
  • 公共关系代表 public relations representative
  • 公共关系专家 public relations specialist
  • 公关专家 publicist
  • 宣传代理 publicity agent
  • 宣传协调员 publicity co-ordinator
  • 宣传信息官 publicity information officer
  • 娱乐协会信息官 recreation association information officer
  • 销售和促销活动的协调员 sales and promotions co-ordinator
  • 歌手代理人 singers agent
  • 专家 – 电子媒体广告 specialist – e-media advertising
  • 专家,广告 specialist, advertising
  • 发言人 spokesperson
  • 体育经纪人 sports agent
  • 站关系管理员 stations-relations administrator
  • 人才代理 talent agent
  • 人才代表 talent representative
  • 戏剧代理人 theatrical agent
  • 戏剧业务代理 theatrical business agent
  • 旅游信息官 tourism information officer
  • 旅游信息技术员 tourism information technician