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Hello everyone, my name is Scott from UtoCanada. Because,In Canada,education systemis impeccable and is rich in culture, it attractsinternational studentsfrom all over the world every year. I believe that after watching our previous videos, you’ll have a certain understanding of Canadian life studying abroad. However, according to the old Chinese saying, “Food and hay should go ahead of troops and horses.” I have received many questions from students in different regions aboutthe cost of Canadian high schools&nbspand colleges. Let’s take a look at the cost of going to college in Canada.

Canadian College Tuition

"In ancient times, those who made great achievements not only had outstanding talents, but also firm and determined will".

My friends, you have taken a big step coming all the way to Canada to study. As an international student, tuition is obviously one of the issues that everyone is most concerned about. Because colleges and universities have different academic systems, tuition fees for public colleges in Canada are also very different from universities. The tuition for the Canadian college semester is currently around $7000 CAD per semester. If we calculate according to the standard two semesters a year, the tuition for one year will be about $14,000 CAD. It is worth noting that the basic tuition fee does not include the cost of books, so at the beginning of each semester, students will also spend $200-400 CAD on books. Like universities, there has been an annual increase of about $300 in tuition in colleges in recent years.

Language Centres (applicable to some students)

Some students may also need to enter the language program of the school when they first start college. The fees for language courses are listed in this table. If you would like to inquire about specific schools and specific language courses, please click the QR code at the lower-righthand corner to chat with a representative.

College Language Course Name Levels Duration Tuition Per Level
Seneca College ESI 8 level &nbsp 7 weeks / level 3500/ level &nbsp
Centennial College  ELL 5 level &nbsp 4 months / level 5300/ level &nbsp
Humber College EAP 8 level &nbsp 2 months / level 3200/ level &nbsp
Red River  College EAP ? level 2 months / level ?/ level &nbsp
Sheridan College ESL 5 level &nbsp 7 weeks / level 2900/ level &nbsp
George Brown College ESL 9 level &nbsp 8 weeks / level 2688/ level &nbsp


In addition to school tuition, students' food, clothing, accommodation and transportation are also essential expenditures. In terms of housing, students actually have many options.


Students can choose to live in the dormitory provided by the school. In this case, going to school is relatively convenient, and it is not necessary to consider the issue of buying a car too early on. At the same time, students can save money on transportation. The dormitory of the school will have different specifications, so the prices range from $850-1500 CAD/month.

Of course, some students will choose to rent their own place near the school, and the cost will naturally vary according to the type of home they rent. If you choose to live in a house, a master bedroom with a private bathroom will be around $800 per month, and a smaller bedroom will be around $450-600 per month. Some students are more inclined to live in an apartment. However, compared to houses, renting an apartment is relatively more expensive. For example, in Toronto, a one-bedroom apartment can cost about $1500-1700 per month, but in areas such as downtown, the rent will be around $2,000 CAD. If you share the rent of a condo, the price will be around $800-1000 per person. If you want to know more about student housing, you can watch our video about rental homes.

Room & Board


As said in the ancient times, food is the most vital part of everyday life. In most cases here, a casual meal at school or around the school can cost about $10-15 CAD. An occasional dinner out with a few friends in a restaurant can cost around $30 per person.

Daily Transportation Expenses


As for transportation, some people like to use public transport and enjoy the company of people around them. The most popular public transport system in Toronto is the TTC. For students, the TTC has always been a popular choice because the monthly student pass is currently around $117. Some young students hope to buy a car early, so they can explore and see more. At present, international students generally choose cars priced at about $30,000. However, the cost may vary according to each person's preferences. Of course, if they decide to buy a car, they also need to spend additional fees, such as insurance (about $300-400 per month) and fuel (about $50-60 CAD per week). If it is a leased car, there will be monthly charges at about $400-500 per month.

Other Expenses for Studying in Canada


In terms of clothing and accessories, everyone's needs are different. After carefully surveying and calculating the expenses of our lovely, young coworkers in the office, we can roughly draw the following conclusions. For males, the average amount of money they spend on buying clothes is around $500-600 per year, with occasional splurges on suits or formalwear, the average may go over $800. For the females, $500-600 may just be their monthly spending on clothes. In addition, girls may spend an additional $3000-4000 per year on cosmetics.

Except for food, clothing and accommodation, phone bill may be about $50-60 a month. Going to a party or social event with friends may cost around $50 per person.

To sum up:

Now that you have a basic understanding of the cost of attending college in Canada, we would like to remind everyone that the above data is not according to a certain standard. It is just a guide that can be used as a reference. You must discuss your living standards with your family before making decisions. If you have more questions, please like and subscribe to our channel below the video, or leave us a message. You can also scan the QR code in the lower-right-hand corner of the screen to follow our WeChat official account, UtoStudyParty, and learn more about studying in Canada.