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Communication with the Government of Canada on the Latest Policies on Studying Abroad and Immigration

About Us — Introduction to UtoCanada

UTOI Management Consulting Inc. was established on August 27, 2012. It is a highly influential Canada-based education and consultation services organization that provides foreign clients with overseas study applications, academic training, and immigration and investment services. We are committed to bringing quality overseas education and lifestyle to everyone and every family, providing more choices and creating change. As a leading brand in the Canadian educational agency industry, UtoCanada® is unique in the fields of study abroad consulting and college application guidance. We have a team of early-phase education planning consultants, each with unique insights and experience to provide professional consulting services to clients, and first-class late-phase consultants and copywriting teams that are familiar with the application process and skills of various Canadian colleges and universities. Through the packaging of application materials and timely and effective communication with the target institutions, more than 8,700 students have successfully studied in Canada and realized the dream of attending an elite school. As of February 1, 2020, UtoCanada® has set up three overseas-study service centers in Canada to support international students at any time. Our logistic support team provides parents with real-time feedback on the status of the students studying abroad and providing relevant advice and support to students in Canada on medical insurance, travel, housing relocation, car rental, tax reporting, and legal assistance service.

Our growing education and training brand,UtoClass®, is an IDP IELTS designated official test venue and a large-scale educational institution involved in comprehensive training in various disciplines. We provide training in academic and general IELTS, CELPIP and other standardized language tests, art portfolio preparation counselling, academic tutoring from high school to college, and skills development training for international students. Our teaching goals are for students to achieve their ideal scores and for university/college applicants to receive their offers successfully. We provide an excellent learning environment for students to concentrate on their studies while brushing up on their skills to ace the IELTS exam so they can get into their target universities within a short period of time. Also, our portfolio preparation courses help students prepare an outstanding collection of works that can impress the admissions examiners of famous art schools. In addition, we aim to help our students graduate from school acing every course. On your path to a bright future, we will guide you every step of the way to help you conquer your quest through life studying abroad. Though our patience in teaching and providing high-quality courses from UtoClass®, we will make sure you receive more offers, achieve higher scores, and become a leading example in success.

UtoBranding® is the only branding company in Toronto, Canada that provides concepts, naming, architectural, educational product design, audience analysis, supporting service planning, visual communication and other comprehensive strategy and implementation solutions for emerging or transforming educational institutions. Through highly refining brand value, combined with the actual situation, with the original intention of education and its brand value as the core, we formulate brand strategies, curriculum and supporting service settings, market strategies, and designing brand visual identity systems. Reasonably introduce brand identity elements into implementation, applications and recruitment promotion activities. Let every investment in advertising enhance the education brand image and value and increasing brand equity. We know the branding, and we know education.

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